What Tools and Equipment Do Tree Services Use to Complete Their Work?

Tree services require a variety of tools and equipment to get the job done right. From chainsaws to axes, tree trimmers to wood chippers, certified arborists like those at Joel's Pro Tree Service have the necessary tools to tackle any tree-related task. Chainsaws are the go-to tool for cutting down trees of any size. For smaller trees, an axe may be sufficient, but a chainsaw will make the job much faster.

Pruners, saw covers, and pole saws are also essential for pruning trees. It's important to choose the best season for pruning your particular tree species, inspect the condition of the tree, use all appropriate safety equipment (such as gloves), and not overprune it. Axes are useful for trees of all sizes, although it can take all day to knock down a large tree. Tree trimmers are larger than standard pruning shears and are better suited for denser plants and trees.

Wedges may be necessary for larger trees in order to tilt the tree in the desired direction. If you need to transport the remains of a tree, you may want to consider buying a trailer.