How Often Should You Have Your Trees Serviced by a Tree Service?

Young trees should be inspected and pruned every 1 to 5 years, while mature trees can benefit from an annual inspection with a pruning and pruning cycle of five to 10 years. Fruit trees may need to be pruned annually, while in Florida, you generally have to prune trees every 2 or 3 years. If your tree is in decline, dangerous, or worrisome, an annual evaluation is recommended. This is the most expensive and the most important insurance a Best Tree Service in Summerville SC can have because of the hazardous nature of the work; not all companies are created the same way when it comes to their insurance and liability coverage. Otherwise, you should keep an eye out for trees that require pruning or call in experts to keep them in excellent condition.

Late fall to early spring is the ideal time to cut down, prune and prune trees, but some species need to be pruned in mid-summer. If you've been to Florida, you've probably heard of mangroves, but you might not know much about these types of trees. Arborists aren't just people who were told how to cut trees once and given some tools; they must also keep up with changing industry standards and practices to keep you and your trees safe and healthy. This guide to tree care will help you, especially with so many hurricanes that are happening in Florida that many people have discovered that their trees have suffered significant damage.

If you prune a tree too much, the tree can weaken, allowing pests and diseases to take hold. If a tree has had about 30% of its foliage removed, either by pruning or by damage caused by a storm in a year, it's best not to continue pruning that tree. Trees provide us with shade, they can give us fruit depending on the type of tree you have and it can be a pleasure to look at them. Excessive pruning can also make the tree more susceptible to wind damage, and poorly made cuts can be vectors by which diseases and pests can enter the tree.

It's important to find out if your state or municipality requires a specific license or certification to provide tree-related services. Pruning the tree in late winter or spring ensures that the tree doesn't waste stored energy and leaves on the branches that, anyway, you'll simply cut later. Since 1982, we have been expertly servicing the professional and emergency tree service needs of Orlando, FL and the surrounding areas.