What time of year is best for tree service?

The Best Time of Year to Remove Trees for Tree Services in Goose Creek SC If you ask an arborist, the best time of year to remove trees for Tree Services in Goose Creek SC is late winter or early spring. Pruning too late in the spring season could limit flowering and growth potential for the coming months. This means that it may be too late if new growth has already started. However, be careful when pruning during the fall months. Your tree is in a delicate state during October and November, as decaying fungi spread their spores during this time. While this produces beautiful changing leaves, it causes wounds caused by pruning trees to heal much more slowly.

It is best to store pruning shears until the tree is dormant during the winter months. There are several reasons why late winter or early spring are considered to be the best time of year to hire a nearby afforestation service for your tree removal project. February and March are statistically the cheapest months for tree removal, as they are also known as the “dormant season for trees”. During winter, leaves fall from trees, making it easier for an afforestation service to cut them down quickly and safely.

Doing the necessary work on the trees before spring comes helps ensure that the tree continues to grow strong and healthy throughout the year, as well as encouraging future growth. Pruning the tree at the wrong time is one of the worst pruning mistakes you can make for your trees. Until trees have completely lost their leaves, some underlying problems aren't obvious or can't be seen, while other problems occur as the tree continues to grow. If your trees are actively infested with insects, or if there is Dutch elm disease or oak wilt, talk to a tree care professional before doing any pruning.

In addition, harder soil and bare branches make repairing trees in Watertown, Massachusetts, much easier. Even if winter is the best time to cut down a tree on your property from a price point of view, despite “busy” or “inactive” seasons, you can remove a tree at any time of the year. Your tree should be pruned approximately every two to four years, depending on the type, size, and health of the individual tree. If you don't stick to the pruning schedule, the tree can experience unnecessary stress, expose it to pest and disease attacks, and even kill it.

Keep reading to learn more about when a professional arborist should visit your property to provide tree service in Watertown, MA. The need to cut down trees is usually lower during winter and spring, so the best tree companies can offer lower rates for ensure a stable business.