How can you tell if a tree is healthy?

Here are four signs that you have a healthy tree and some ways to keep it in good shape, Durable Bark. A strong, durable bark is one of the most common indicators that a Tree Services in Charleston SC is alive and healthy. The leaves of a Tree Services in Charleston SC are a good indicator of health. The leaves should be the right color for the season, unless the leaves on the Tree Services in Charleston SC are naturally yellow. They should not be irregularly shaped or atrophied. These signs show nutrient deficiency, insect damage, watering problems, and diseases.

Unless your tree is a species that produces these types of leaves naturally, this may be an indication that the tree is not receiving or retaining enough water or nutrients. Longacre Tree Surgery is an established tree surgery company providing services across Hertfordshire, Essex, North London and Cambridgeshire. If your tree falls more than an occasional branch, and if these branches are large, it's time to examine it. Choosing trees with thick, protected leaves that are adapted to wind and salt conditions is the best way to minimize wind damage; save more delicate trees for protected areas.

Broken trees leave a “wound” that allows insects or diseases to take up residence in your beautiful tree. Even if you've done everything right and picked the perfect tree for your environment and lifestyle, trees can still get sick.