What ppe is required for tree work?

Climbing helmets protect the head and neck from accidents, while safety goggles and face shields protect the face and eyes from flying debris. Before you prune or prune, you should inspect the tree and soil for potential hazards, such as power lines and broken tree branches. This tree pruning safety guide consists of 15 safety tips that you should follow when doing tree pruning or removal work. In addition, electrocution and falls from tall trees are two of the leading causes of death during pruning trees.

Train the ground workers who hold the lines to stand at least one and a half times the height of the tree. The most suitable time to prune deciduous trees is in late fall, when the trees have lost their leaves, or in early winter. Recreational trees refer to trees that have functional, recreational, social, ecological, health, environmental, or aesthetic value. The most common types of injuries when pruning trees are falls, electrocutions, and blows with trees. Use a qualified arborist to ensure that the condition of the tree can withstand the rigging force and weight of the sections of the tree that go down.

If you cut down trees after a natural disaster, make sure that workers have no direct contact with an energized conductor, such as a power line, or indirect contact with an energized conductor, such as a tree branch or a metal tool that touches a power line. If the tree you're working on extends over a road, use signs and cones if you think it's necessary to direct people and traffic around the tree. Mark an area on the ground that is at least twice the height of the tree to avoid working in places where pruned or felled trees can fall. That's why it's important to understand the basic concepts of tree pruning safety to avoid any type of tree pruning accident.

TCI magazine, the official publication of the Tree Care Industry Association, is the most read periodical publication in the tree care industry. Tree pruning and removal tasks include pruning and pruning, as well as pruning, repairing, removing and maintain recreational trees.