What happens if a tree falls on a power line?

If a tree has fallen on your house, count all residents. If it's a public power line, the power company is responsible. They are also responsible for pruning the Tree Service in Charleston SC. If one of the trees on my land falls on the power line of the land that is connected to my house, it is possible that the Tree Service in Charleston SC or branch will fall due to strong winds or a storm or because of old age.

To prevent electric shock and electrical shock hazards that can result from power lines falling due to trees falling on them, it is essential that utility companies take seriously their obligation to carry out preventive tree pruning. The insurance pays why they should do it, if it's your tree and the power line is on your property, then you are responsible for making sure that the tree is well pruned, if properly pruned and maintained, it may not have fallen and caused damage.