Is tree work a good career?

A career in tree care is lucrative. There are more open positions than can be filled by certified arborists and tree care specialists. Getting educated and certified in the arboriculture genre can help you fill many different positions that require a tree care specialist. An arborist cares for trees and other woody plants.

These professional professionals are used to advise them on the selection and planting of trees and to assess their condition, make recommendations for their care and provide necessary services, such as pruning, fertilization, insect and disease control and, when necessary, the removal of damaged or sick trees. Above all, an arborist is a highly qualified specialist who recognizes his responsibility to maintain the considerable value that trees can add to life and property. This profession requires good physical fitness and comfort with heights. A career as an arborist is an excellent opportunity for those who love to work independently outdoors, like to use their mind to prevent and solve problems, and are comfortable with physical exertion in different weather conditions.

Check out this fantastic video about life as an arborist at TrueTimber. Considerable knowledge about working with trees and the use of safety devices, tools and manual and electrical equipment related to working with trees. There are many other certifications that an arborist or a company dedicated to arboriculture can obtain, such as that of certified arborist, certified arborist, municipal specialist, specialist in public service arborists, qualification of tree risk evaluator, certified safety professional in tree care, company accredited by the TCIA, etc.