How to Keep a Large Tree Healthy and Thriving

Mature tree care is essential for keeping a large tree healthy and thriving. Proper irrigation, eliminating competing plants, removing accumulated soil around the root crown, and having your tree evaluated for an infection in the root crown are all important steps to take for Tree Services on Sullivan's Island SC. One of the best things you can do for a tree is to place a wide, even layer of mulch around the trunk. This will insulate the soil around the tree's roots, keep power tools away, discourage foot traffic, and improve the soil as it decomposes.

Use mulch made from wood chips or shredded wood and spread it three to four inches deep around the tree; the wider the area covered with mulch, the better. Make sure to spread the mulch in an even layer without piling it against the bark, as this can lead to decay and disease. Understanding what type of tree you have is also important for proper care. Young trees especially need regular watering, but even mature trees should be watered during periods of drought.

Hitting trees with lawnmowers or hitting trunks with herbivores damages the bark and trunk, weakening the tree structurally and causing insects and diseases. For more information on tree pests and control measures, visit the Bayer Advanced Tree Care 101 website. Young trees may need occasional fertilization until they become established, but mature trees often don't need to be fed at all. For more information on the best trees for this region, visit the North Carolina State Cooperative Extension tree page.